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I don't want to say that I wasted my days chasing instead of catching keeping. I'm wanting you to save me & I'm not only asking.

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@ the JEssinator's<3 [Saturday
June 11th, 2005
well, didn't make jv.
I missed the first day of tryouts & picked everything else up but the dance.
it's alright, I'd rather try for basketball season anyways.

I also had a good time at formal..although everyone was taking pictures of me & I was going crazy : p
went to friendly's afterwards, & a few cool, &..not so cool people showed up.
it was a good time though.

then I stayed at Danielle's..
then I came here (to the JEssinator's)..did things..then went to the bowling alley & played pump it up.

also, I have a picture of me & JEss I never posted, but I love it.<3<3

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

& a few other pictures<3Collapse )
only 2 meant what they said..

May 26th, 2005
i just wanted to rub some good news in everybody's faceeeeeesss. : ]
next friday, while most of you are in school..me & the cool chorus chid-lins..
are going to be at darien lake.
so while you're learing, i'll be riding a ride, playing a game or stuffing my face.
& it's pretty intense.
then on saturday..i'mma be in montreal with the french club & then i'll come back on sunday.
most likely my weekend next week will be better then yours..which is pretty radical.

on another noteee.
me & hayley are going to the malllll on sunday, & i'm going to get my dress for formal..i'm thinkingggg. i'mma get a purple dress & i'll wear my purple chucks.
who knows.
but it's going to be pretty suh-weeett.

peaceeeeeeee : *
only 8 meant what they said..

May 20th, 2005
foidjfhdfh. once again i miss the JEssinator.

this wednesday SUCKED.
ooh yeah, &..i might get in a fight with hayley. : ]
i think it's pretty swell.
kind of funny too, because people who are supposed to be friends with her..have been coming up to me & telling me to kick her ass because they hate her.
i guess we're setting up a time to fight outside of school..because i can't fight in school until after the montreal trip, otherwise i can't go.
i feel so immature. but i hate her. &..i really want to fight her. : ]

anyways..there's a dance tonight..& i'm asking mr beckers if i can bring ddr. which would be fucking kick ass.
then after the dance we're all going to the movies. & if i do..i'll be able to hang out with toni. i miss her sooooooo muchh, so i hope i can go<33.

that's it..
only 8 meant what they said..

May 10th, 2005
 <he's too sexy for you.
only 6 meant what they said..

May 6th, 2005
make out haven at the dance or what?
only 9 meant what they said..

wow..this is amazing. [Monday
May 2nd, 2005
[ mood | <3<3 ]

i'm in like..
the GREATEST mood ever right now.
i love Marty so much.
he was just saying he wanted to buy me presents & all this shit..
& we argued over who loved who more.
he's so cute.
& i LOVEEEEEE him.<3
ahh, i just love this feeling. : ]

only 5 meant what they said..

hanging with the lovely miss kailyn.<3 [Sunday
May 1st, 2005
[ mood | **fun-ness with Kailyn**<33 ]

Kailyn is beautiful.
anyways, i just did a surveyy.<3

i think i've done this survey before, what the hell, i'll do it again. 8 ]Collapse )

only 2 meant what they said..

woh, updated-ness. : * [Thursday
April 28th, 2005
[ mood | rfgfoyfhg. : ] ]

okay, well.
yesterday was hump day & it sucked.
no biggie cos that's been usual lately.
i never wrote about vacation.
it goes as follows. : ]

well, i don't remember what day. but, i went over to tiffany's.
even though she was grounded we kind of managed to go to bodified, i got lots of insense. : ]
i ended up spending the night & we had lots of fun.
we made songs, wrote poems, played ddr. & talked for forever.
i'm greatful to have her as a friend, i love her<3.

nexttt. i think is when i went over to rachael's. we had sex & made brownies. it was the most amazing time ever. & i love her times infinity.

then i hung out with someone else. & it's horrible because i don't remember. : x

thennnnn. i went over to kailyn's.
we had sex, played ddr, ate food, took pictures.
it was a good time & i love her.

then i went over to jess's for the remaining few days.
it was wonderful, i missed her so much. i got to meet nick too, it was pretty rad.

that's it for vacation.
that, &, me & marty are going out. : ]
except really cool seventh graders like to go up to him & lie..& try & cause problems. without success. ; ]
tomorrow is frednesday.
it shall be a fun one.<3
saturday is miss SAM CARVEY'S PARTY. which i know will be WONDERFUL. (i love her.)
&, next friday, i think i'm going to be hanging out with miss kathleen marie, because i'm COMPLETELY IN LOVE WITH HER.
i still miss Genny & Sharon as well. we should set up plans soon.<3
sorry this was extremely long..i kind of felt the need. : ]


only 2 meant what they said..

April 22nd, 2005

had an amazing night with Kailyn last night. : * <3







sexxxxxxxxxxx.Collapse )

only 8 meant what they said..

@ rachael's. [Wednesday
April 20th, 2005
i'm in LOVE with Rachael Margaret Himes. like so EFFING MUCH doffohjdfhojifdfh.
love love love love love love love love love love
yeah, i love her.<3<3<3<3<3: *
only 14 meant what they said..

April 16th, 2005
[ mood | wickid happy, but, sbsogh too. ]

i love this feeling of being happy.
it's something new, but a good feeling.
but then there's that one other thing that makes me feel..sodfihgdfh. : ]

last night was fun, it was ryan's birthday & we went out to eat. & hung out with my aunt. (ps. if you're on..north, i think? & know mr. shaffer & didn't tell him happy birthday yesterday you're in trouble. cos that's ryan.)

but, the rest of last night blew cos i didn't get to see someone that i wanted to see. i was very upset. : ]
& i guess i'm going over to hayley's either tonight or on monday & staying until wednesday, then i have things to do & i'm coming back. so i'll be there basically for the whole rest of the week.
i'm really looking foward to it because i miss hayley.
there will be select times in between were i have to see a few people though.
*cough* Genny & Sharon.<3
i miss Amber too, so it'd be pretty cool to see her.

but yeah..that's it.

I love Daniel Ryan Hall.<3

only 8 meant what they said..

April 11th, 2005
warped tour..
i think it's just going to be me & JEss going.
but any person that wants to go to warped tour with us.
give me a reason why you should go, blah blah. either on here or on aim.
you'll need $40 on this friday.
we're ordering tickets saturday.

ps. idk, yeah, even though it's 43986746 years away, i can't fucking wait until the montreal trip. <3<3

&&&&&&&. idk. yeah. i'm cool but..there's this one person. he's pretty amazing, & i sureeeeeeee doooo like him ALOT. : ] but shhhhhhhhhhhhhh. 8 ]
only 7 meant what they said..

@ moo's. [Friday
April 8th, 2005
i'm at moo's house right now<3.
cos i love her.
we're going to be hanging out here for a while.
just a little while ago we were outside & we did the cha cha slide in her front lawn.
then we were skating & i was going down the hill & a car was behind us & beeped, but not at me..& i thought it did & it scared the shit out of me so i jumped..fell off the board & it went right over my head.
moo seems to think it's funny, & makes fun of me for it. : ]
at random moments, she's like, "beep!".
sdfgiodfh. : D
oh well, i love moo, so it's okay.

plus, i'm pretty cool.

ps. alex, tankies for the cool star page wooooo thing.<3
only 8 meant what they said..

April 6th, 2005

mm, sex.<3Collapse )

pssssssssss. happy hump day.<3
&, i guess montreal is all sorted out. if there's any changes. peopleee be suree to call meh? : *

i can't wait for vacationnnnnnnnnnnn. i miss sooo manyy people, i have to hang out with them.<3

only 4 meant what they said..

April 5th, 2005

haha. even though it's tuesday..yeah, i'm going to write about the weekend.

well, i went to the dance. & then went over to my lover's house. (kathleen marie). & then we went to the battle of the bands later.
i had a good time. it was actually kind of funny because i stayed up all nighttt talking to her brother chas & we found out we have lots of things in common.

what was actually pretty cool was my dad flipped on me over nothing & wouldn't talk to me so i couldn't see the JEssinator.
I miss her.
that's why me & her have to hang out this weekend, & most likely, alot of vacation.
i also have to hang with rachael genny & sharon.
i miss & love them all, like crazy.<3

haha, my mom rocks so i'll like..never be on anymore.









stolen from the JEssinator.Collapse )

only 5 meant what they said..

WEDNESDAY<3 [Thursday
March 31st, 2005
[ mood | fgobjhfggnbn. ]

okay..yesterday was wednesday..it was COMPLETELY WONDERFUL<3.
i saw my three most beloved friends (other then the JEssinator) alot. & it was wonderful.
THENNNNNNNN. *& i think this is what made my day*
i saw the 7th grader who has my shoes...& i thought i was going to be mad..but, maybe cos it was a wednesday..i like..flipped..in a good way. : ]
i was looking down going up the stairs..& i saw my shoes..on another person: ]. yep..well, he was walking in front of moo, & i'm like "kid! WAIT! kid in front of allie! two people ahead of me!!" & i couln't get his attention so i flew up the stairs & grabbed him..even though i don't know the kid ; ]. & i'm like, "shake my hand. right now. we're best friends-you have my shoes. i love you."
yep. that was great.
what pretty much ruined it though..was there was some accident on 481..& they closed off the whole highway from the end of syracuse ave to church hill road. & i live right next to church hill road, & we weren't allowed to take that route, so we made over 45 minutes of detours. it was ridiculous. i got home right when i had to be at drum lessons, & with all the delays..the time i got there i had about..a ten minute lesson. i was so mad.

oh well, i met the kid with my shoes, & other stuff happened..other then that shit at the end it was a kick ass day.<3

ps. JESS! my mom said she'd order tickets on friday..i don't know what the plan is now though because i'm not going to see you untill saturday. maybe my dad can drop off the money or something..blah blah.

ps.s. montreal arrangements..rachy felicia & moo?
mm i guess. : ]

&&&&&, tiff..we got a ride & stuff..just call me sometime..today? & uhh, lemme know what you want to do for plans afterwards.


ps.Collapse )

only 11 meant what they said..

March 30th, 2005
TIFFFFFFFANNNYYY. you need to call me on thursday so we can set up plans for friday.
i got us a ride to the dance.

kailyn, rachael..allie(?) or felicia. yay or nay?
get back at me.<3
only 2 meant what they said..

March 29th, 2005
[ mood | sdoghhhhfd. ]

okayyyyyy...weekend. : ]

hung out with the JEssinator..

& yesterday i went over to Tiffany's.
omgggggggg. we went to the music store, got posters..then we ate pizza. on the way home i kept saying we were going to get raped. then we stopped at west park & got doggie bags, & since we had trouble getting just a couple at a time (; ]) we took the whole thing. i was the king because i got the most. i took three quarters of the whole thing. & we tied the bags on the back of us & ran around saying we were rats..& (sexy rats) aka. rexies. : * then we played ddr & good stuff..i'm letting her borrow ddr untill friday, & i'm going back over. which will be hott sex. : *
i luhh her.

: ]

only 6 meant what they said..

stolen from miranda.<333 [Thursday
March 24th, 2005




i like stealing things from sexy people<3.Collapse )

ps. alex, if you read this, call me again. i saw your number on the caller ID & i didn't know you called. i was so sad. CALL ME AGAIN! i love you! : ]

ps. (2 ; ] ) kailyn, i think i left my bright eyes cd at your house. if i did let me know please, & see if you can bring it in to school on tuesday<33.

only 5 meant what they said..

March 23rd, 2005
[ mood | happy, for once. ]

..i miss Sharon Ann Perrine, Genevieve Susan Hall, & Kali Elizabeth Walker.
so much.
we need to hang out soon.<3

only 5 meant what they said..

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